An Introduction to 3D Object Scanning

Wednesday 26th October 2022, 7.00pm
All Saints Parish Church, Northallerton
A hand-held 3D scanner is used on a Roman carved stone head.


Join us for an introduction to 3D object scanning - a new technology popular with museums and heritage sites that allows an object to be accurately recreated digitally. The session will include a short introduction, a demonstration and an opportunity to have your own object scanned!

A 3D scanner sits in front of a computer and a small carved bone.
3D scanning at the Yorkshire Museum

3D scanning is a relatively new technology that allows buildings and objects to be captured in digital form. Digital scans can be accurate to 0.1 millimetres and, unlike photographs, are fully three-dimensional and can be viewed from any angle. They can also be enhanced with interactive information points that can provide additional information about specific features.

Museums, galleries and other heritage organisations are becoming more aware of the possibilities of 3D scanning, and this workshop will demonstrate how this technology can become an important part of how we can look after and engage with our heritage in the future.

We encourage attendees to bring objects to the workshop, from which a small number of suitable items will be chosen for demonstration scanning. Objects should ideally be non-reflective (i.e. no highly polished metals), non-transparent (i.e. no glassware) and ideally between 5cm and 30cm in size.

The workshop will last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Booking information

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